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Client Story

Client Story
Known for its rigorous service standard, cellular operator Cellcom has chosen us as its strategic partner for providing its customers with call center services. 
From the very first month, Cellcom executives have been surprised by the quality and extraordinary performance of the employees we have recruited.

Vision Partners

Vision Partners
Dov Lautman

Babcom Centers continues what we’ve started in Delta 35 years ago. Our vision was to ensure a future for the Galilee, particularly for all those excellent people who are unable to find appropriate employment. In Delta, we enabled them to find employment in the textile industry, in keeping with the times. Babcom Centers now allows them to build careers in more contemporary occupations such as services, software, sales, translation or accounting. I am proud to be partner in an enterprise devoted to true coexistence, creating an exciting future for all the inhabitants of the Galilee.

Ethan Wertheimer

I immediately hooked on to Imad’s vision of creating a network of excellence centers in the Galilee Since I have been committed to developing the Galilee industrially and socially for years now, I immediately hooked on to Imad’s vision of creating a network of excellence centers in the Galilee that will enable women and men of both Arab and Jewish communities to start a career in professional services. babcom Centers will connect the periphery to Central Israel, Arabs to Jews and Israel to the Arab world and the entire globe. I was delighted and proud to accompany Babcom Centers startup, and will continue to do so for as long as required.

Imad Telhami

Creating a locally and internationally leading business enterprise. Our mission is to build ourselves as a locally and internationally leading enterprise. This enterprise will inspire minorities everywhere to believe in themselves and their ability to succeed, and to act assertively to fulfilling their career potential. This way, we will contribute to narrowing societal gaps and expanding coexistence.

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